#RAWBEAUTY is the real you! It is what makes you unique and what you have come to love about yourself despite your diagnosis and/or any insecurity that came about due to it.

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#RAWBEAUTY | Ellie Waters 

Name: IMG_1278
Ellie Waters


Cancer type + diagnosis date:
Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, I was diagnosed on September 2015 when I was 14

What do you love about yourself?I love the fact that I can inspire so many people, I feel like getting cancer has given me a purpose, my purpose is to spread awareness and help other cancer kids like me.I think I am beautiful! When they shaved of my long brown locks, I looked in the mirror to a new me and I loved it! I felt very empowered by my bald head, and since that moment where I first looked at my new self I knew I wasn’t going to give up! Also, for anyone who feels self-conscious about their bald head- don’t be! Your bald head shows how brave you are to endure chemotherapy, show off your bald head with pride.IMG_1297

How does your own beauty make you unique?
I think my beauty makes me unique because I didn’t have hair, it makes me unique because I look like a small amount of people who unfortunately get cancer. Also, I know my beauty makes me unique as people stare but I hope they see past the cancer and notice the beautiful features of my face.

What does #RAWBEAUTY mean to you?
#RAWBEAUTY to me means that you are beautiful no matter what, even if you don’t have hair, even if you don’t look like everyone else! It is important everyone knows this as I feel like many people nowadays are more insecure about how they look than ever before; they need to know they are beautiful no matter what!Thank you for reading!

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#RAWBEAUTY |@lizflower4


I’m Elizabeth “Flower” Williams

I’m 27 years old

Cancer type + diagnosis date:
I was diagnosed with uterine cancer when I was 26

What do you love about yourself?
It probably sounds cheesy, but I feel more beautiful, and better about myself when I’m doing things I love, or helping to make other people’s lives better. It’s when I feel like my spirit is beautiful, that it releases itself as physical beauty. Trust me though… it wasn’t until recently that I felt this way. Before being diagnosed I had long beautiful always perfectly curled hair. Everyone always complimented my hair, so it was the one thing about myself that I thought was beautiful. When my long locks starting failing out I panicked. I didn’t know what I was going to do without my hair. I cried. I stormed around my apartment. I tried to save it in anyway possible, but I couldn’t. “It’s just hair,” everyone said. But it was MY hair. I wouldn’t be Flower without my hair. But that wasn’t true. I was still the same me, who loved people with all her heart and wanted to make the world a better place, and that what’s helped make me feel beautiful.

How does your own beauty make you unique?
My beauty is unique as anyone’s is unique. Every single person has their own distinct look and features. I learned to love the little things about myself that I didn’t notice before, my eyes stood out more, I started to like my freckles more. All the little things are what make my beauty unique.

What does #RAWBEAUTY mean to you?
#RAWBEAUTY is about seeing the beauty in everyone for what they truly are. It’s about not trying to hide or cover up or change things to fit a mold. It’s about celebrating the little nuances that make everyone beautiful.

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