More than Meets the Eye

October 5, 2015

17180-The-Eyes-Are-Useless-When-The-Mind-Is-BlindSometimes it seems I gain a good deal of wisdom in one day. My eyes are open, words spoken to me have deeper meaning, and my heart is able to understand more; at least for a moment.

Normally, I let happenings breeze past me as an observer, but recently I have started to pick up on what I like to call clues, nudges, and I’m learning to follow my gut (at least I’d like to think so). Sometimes it’s hard to take that gut feeling for the intuition I know it is because I want to think facts through with my convoluted mind. It is difficult to accept that I am supposed to do what feels good. I convince myself it should be more complicated than that.

Well, tomorrow it’s on! I will consciously move through my day not only with open eyes but also an unburdened mind. I am convinced it is the only way to truly experience life. Lets make it a great week tomorrow ladies and gents! Stay true to your inner self and open your heart to receive what is already yours.

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  • thepurpledreamer October 31, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    Loved this, brilliant and very poignant to me! Great image too!

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