For the most part I live my life by following my inner knowing. Some call it one’s intuition or one’s conscience. If it feels right to you or you feel called to do something go for it, DO IT! If something feels wrong or doesn’t sit well, don’t.

This inner compass can shift & change too it’s not concrete. Something that once may have been a big NO can become a Hell Yeah because the timing is NOW right.


Let your conscience be your guide are words I try to live by


I was born in Nicaragua & I am Cali raised. As a cancer survivor and past mischief-maker, I have come to realize life is a blessing and I want to share a little bit about me, my self-discovery & healing journey as well as some of my favorite things!! 

I went to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise and worked in the fashion industry for some time as a design assistant, stylist, and producer. I double-majored in Sociology and Social Welfare while at UC Berkeley and am currently an Account Manager at an amazing SF based Technology company.