Somos dos (we are two) chicas on remission AND we’re on a mission to stay that way!

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma brought us together as teenagers and the experience has shaped what we are doing today. Being a teenager was difficult; when you add a cancer diagnosis, it becomes even more challenging to accept yourself.

We are here to create a community for everyone whose life has been touched by young adult cancer.  This is your space – wholeheartedly curated by us! We hope to inspire you and keep you informed so you can stay on top of our your health game (mind, body + soul that is).

Keep in mind, we’re not trying to preach but rather  spread the word about what we are learning and doing while on our cancer remission journeys!

So go ahead! Give yourself permission to nourish your body, mind and soul with real food, real talk and inspirational posts you’ll find within our site.

Let’s build this community together. Your experience matters. <3

Check out our #HEALTHSTORIES and submit yours! Check out other’s submissions here.


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