Chiaroscuro | FAST Fall 2015 Show

UC Berkeley’s Fashion and Student Trends (FAST) Fall fashion show (Chiaroscurowas last week and I would like to give a proper nod to some of my favorite designs.


Dress by Jiechun (Chloe) Lei

The band across the shoulders, the mix of texture in fabrics and the A-line silhouette makes this dress radiate a feminine type of cool I can get down with.

Designs by Nicholas Murphy

His inspiration :
“Amorphous bodies. Obligations. Murmurs. hjjk highlights, or hi-jacks, agender silhouettes moving through space and our perceptions of gendered bodies.”

Nicholas’ designs were some of my ultra favorites. I loved the soft fabrics chosen when paired with bold makeup and design choices like those sleeves! Initially they took me by surprise as I tried to make functional sense out of them. Moments later, when taking the collection for the art form it was and I felt moved and excited to see more!

Designs by Xin Yu

Her inspiration :
“The pressure of creation and the fear for a lack of structure is encountered by the free spirit as soft as velvet to bring delight to life. Gleaming from underneath the mask is the youthfulness and mischief.”

The velvet used in Xin Yu’s collection gave the line a touch of sophistication while the silhouettes provided a youthful touch. These pieces are perfect for the upcoming holiday parties.


Design by Xin Yu

Designs by Yang Qu. 

Yang Qu’s collection wrapped up the show and it did not disappoint. I loved the mixing of patterns, colors and fabrics. It felt very high-end. The styling was on point and I appreciated the risks taken.

Overall, FAST and its designers put on a great show. I applaud the hard work that was done behind the scenes by designers and the production team alike. Way to go Bears! I look forward to next semester’s show.


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