“Respond to Every Call That Excites Your Spirit” | Rumi


What a quote to process right? To think that we may be scared of our own potential definitely makes me feel some type of way. Why is it that “our light” would most frighten us? Well, if I think about this question part of it boils down to worrying about what others might think of me for sharing whatever MY light might mean or be. However, by doing this I see that I am not showing up for other, but more importantly for myself as my authentic self. I want to BE WELL and to me that means in peace & harmony mentally, physically & spiritually. I’m taking steps to get to know myself so I can truly show up. Will you join me?

Framed Quotes by Marianne Williamson

My hope is that resources on this BE WELL corner of the blog help the seekers get to know themselves on a deeper level. There is no right way to do it. There is just the way that is GOOD FOR YOU! So take what you need and leave the rest behind. I simply want to share what has gotten me through my lows and what has helped me rejoice through my highs. Gracias for witnessing my journey <3.