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Chiaroscuro | FAST Fall 2015 Show

UC Berkeley’s Fashion and Student Trends (FAST) Fall fashion show (Chiaroscurowas last week and I would like to give a proper nod to some of my favorite designs.


Dress by Jiechun (Chloe) Lei

The band across the shoulders, the mix of texture in fabrics and the A-line silhouette makes this dress radiate a feminine type of cool I can get down with.

Designs by Nicholas Murphy

His inspiration :
“Amorphous bodies. Obligations. Murmurs. hjjk highlights, or hi-jacks, agender silhouettes moving through space and our perceptions of gendered bodies.”

Nicholas’ designs were some of my ultra favorites. I loved the soft fabrics chosen when paired with bold makeup and design choices like those sleeves! Initially they took me by surprise as I tried to make functional sense out of them. Moments later, when taking the collection for the art form it was and I felt moved and excited to see more!

Designs by Xin Yu

Her inspiration :
“The pressure of creation and the fear for a lack of structure is encountered by the free spirit as soft as velvet to bring delight to life. Gleaming from underneath the mask is the youthfulness and mischief.”

The velvet used in Xin Yu’s collection gave the line a touch of sophistication while the silhouettes provided a youthful touch. These pieces are perfect for the upcoming holiday parties.


Design by Xin Yu

Designs by Yang Qu. 

Yang Qu’s collection wrapped up the show and it did not disappoint. I loved the mixing of patterns, colors and fabrics. It felt very high-end. The styling was on point and I appreciated the risks taken.

Overall, FAST and its designers put on a great show. I applaud the hard work that was done behind the scenes by designers and the production team alike. Way to go Bears! I look forward to next semester’s show.


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Macy’s Walnut Creek Grand Reopening

#LATEPOST (video added below)
| November 21, 2015 |

Today was a good day! Macy’s grand reopening was good times to say the least. Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek, CA has been undergoing a makeover for some time and today shoppers got a chance to come in, take part in various activities, get going on their holiday shopping and enjoy big SALES!

My favorite moment? Meeting Candice Cuoco, designer of  HOUSE OF CCUOCO from Season 14 of Project Runway. She is one down to earth chica with lots of style!



Want to see an exclusive backstage interview with Candice shot by yours truly?? Check out the video below. FIDM Social Ambassador Valeria Molina (@FIDM_mvaleria) asks Candice some questions about the inspiration behind her new ready-to-wear line, life after Project Runway, how she deals with criticism, and what is next for HOUSE OF CCUOCO.

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DripDrop Foundation Photos

Some photos for the DripDrop Foundation Event and fashion show are here!! Make sure and check out this amazing organization and check out the designer’s sites for more on their lines.







Thank you to all that made this event possible. Pure love for charity and fashion made this event come together.

Thank you to Harpenden Photography for the photos, DripDrop Foundation for your philanthropic work, to UC Berkeley’s FAST models and volunteers and to everyone else that made this event a success.

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Symphonix Penthouse Fall Season Kickoff

I had a great start to my week this past Monday night, November 16th, at the Symphonix Kickoff event held at the grand Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco (www.fairmont.com/san-francisco). Symphonix is a premier social group for young professionals in the Bay Area. The purpose of this group is to bring together like-minded individuals at events hosted in San Francisco’s hottest venues.

The kickoff party was held in a penthouse suite at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. The penthouse was equipped with a library that had a secret door to the rooftop, a Moroccan inspired room, and an amazing view of the city. If that was not enough gorgeous curated italian fashion was brought to us by the Centro 39 (www.centro39.com).


Fairmont Hotel Penthouse Library


Enjoying the View from Above


One of the Penthouse rooms filled with Centro 39 Italian finds


One of my favorite Moschino pieces brought to the party by Centro 39



Fairmont Hotel Penthouse Library


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Today was a good day! Macy’s grand reopening was good times to say the least. Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek, CA has been undergoing a makeover for some time and today shoppers got a chance to come in, take part in various activities, get going on their holiday shopping and enjoy big SALES!

My favorite moment? Meeting Candice Cuoco, designer of  House of CCUOCO from Season 14 of Project Runway. She is one down to earth chica with lots of style! Check out her line at www.ccuoco.com


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DripDrop Foundation | A Night to Care


I had the pleasure to work on the DripDrop Foundation’s A Night to Care fashion event and silent auction held at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco this past Thursday, November 5th as the fashion show producer. Proceeds from a Night to Care are going towards supporting the foundation’s ongoing disaster relief efforts and educational programs that help women and caregivers recognize and treat dehydration with Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS). For more on this foundation’s mission you may go to www.dripdrop.org

“Ors are a life saving cure for dehydration — especially in remote locations where doctors and IVs are in short supply — yet almost 1 million children still die every year from dehydration-related diarrheal diseases,” said Dr. Dolhun, DripDrop’s Founder and Chief Medical Officer. “The DripDrop Foundation is part of a global effort to prevent these needless deaths with a proven, simple technology.”


A Night to Care also honored women of strength, passion and courage, and included a cocktail reception, fashion show and silent auction. In producing the fashion show I got the opportunity to work with four amazing fashion designers who through their personal journeys have also demonstrated strength, passion and courage in pursuing their dreams. The four designers selected for this event included Kajan Cake (www.kajancake.com), Evgenia (www.iamevgenia.com), KAMPERETT (www.kamperett.com) and Tokyo Gamine (www.tokyo-gamine.com).


Front Row: Designers for KAMPERETT, Evgenia and Kajan Cake

I leave you with some behind the scenes photos of our models before the show. Stay tuned for more!!


Models pictured: Caitlyn Mott, Anica Bottom, Kenya Corona, Dakota Goodman and Sophia Dutra


Kajan Cake’s models backstage before the show. Pictured: Kelly Dodge, Maura Uebner, Lili Matamoros, Emily Pashenee


Models: Vigilant Sutherlin and Trinity Williams

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Tonight my friend and I hit up the Booksmith Presents Sophia Amoruso’s #Girlboss conversation with Brit Morin, Founder & CEO of Brit + Co at the Roxie Theatre in SF. In case you did not know Sophia Amoruso is the creative mind (Founder, and once CEO) behind Nasty Gal. Sophia started her multimillion dollar company here in the Bay Area from the ground up one vintage sale at time on eBay. I do not believe she knew what she was getting herself into at that point. She was simply following what felt right. 9 years later, after hardcore grinding, she is back in her old stomping grounds on a #girlbuss tour inspiring aspiring fashionistas and entrepreneurs like myself.

Roxie Theatre - SF

The Q&A session was by far the most interesting part of the event. The audience gained a little insight into the glamorous (and not so glamorous, even “sh*tty” at times) life of the Nasty Gal #Girlboss. What does she snack on while on tour in the humongous tour bus? Turkey, cheese sticks, Kombucha, Teas’ Tea, and hardboiled eggs with the “shell removed; they come like that, from Whole Foods.” she said.


What’s next for Nasty Gal? What isn’t I think is the better question. The sky is NOT the limit for Sophia; she has another book coming out next year which will be titled #NastyGalaxy. It will not be solely fashion focused but rather be a compilation of eye candy for those moved by visually pleasing photos and art, as well as quotes and inspirational people. And no, Beyonce will not be in it but perhaps Noble Peace prize laureate Malala will. What else? A make up line, most definitely! Also, a podcast (#girlbossradio) is set to start around the 19th of this month!

An area she will not be venturing into, (fellas you can stop holding your breath) is menswear. A #NastyGuy line is not in the works at the NastyLab and nothing for the pooches & kiddos either.


For those of you who are interested in joining the #NastyGal crew, Sophia shared some insight regarding what she is looking for in candidates. She likes people that are eager but “not TOO eager.” She appreciates curiosity and expects questions. She is disinterested in those who try to be perfect because she feels that rarely they are being themselves. She advises candidates to have a professional online/social media presence, if you have one at all, because she does look at them!

A great cover letter is a must and do not send her cupcakes in the mail because she is not going to eat them. “I might take a picture of it though,” she admitted.

What was the Vintage Queen wearing?


“My mom said I looked like a yodeler,” Sophia said as she called out at her mom who was sitting in the front row. “It’s vintage Valentino!” she disclosed to the audience. Brit Morin, who was the moderator for the event, was rockin’ a piece from NastyGal’s collection and the pair of ladies looked stunning! (Thanks for letting me borrow your photo Brit )

Overall, I left the event inspired and ready to take on the world because when one hears that Sophia Amoruso’s biggest fear is “the future,” you realize that people who “make it,” (like her) are people just like you and me. So go get them #girlbosses, face your fears and live YOUR dream!

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Saints Goodness!!

While traveling abroad this summer I came across the designer brand, All Saints, and I have fallen head over heels!! Too bad I can’t afford three-fourths (or more) of the pieces, (yet!). Their minimalistic approach to style paired with bold details captivates the tough girl in me and I want more! Here are some items on my All Saints wish list…but believe me there are many more. I prefer visiting the stores rather than window-shop online because there is much more to see.


Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 9.21.10 PMItita Top $178


Helena Pant $230


Damis Boot $418


Rally Shoulder Bag Pony $595


Monalisa Boot $148


Tila Jumpsuit $415

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My Spring 2013 Collection | Rare Bird

Welcome to my wonderful world of color! This collection was inspired by Frida Kahlo, my love of colors + geometric shapes. Enjoy the visual display y que Viva la Vida! Special thanks to my Lsquare and French Curve Ruler!

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Vision Quest

As promised, I share with you photos from my fashion show last week.


photo copy

photo (3)

photo (1)

photo (2)

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