Tame Impala | Fox Theatre Oakland, CA

I bought my tickets for the Tame Impala concert a few months ago after being exposed to the band by my DJ friend. I instantly loved the sounds produced by this band. Elephant, gives me flashbacks to younger days when I’d become hypnotized watching the imagery displayed on the screen while watching Disney’s Dumbo. Lines upon lines of elephants marching and dancing  to a base heavy, repetitious beat.

Watching Tame Impala play live last night was euphoric to say the least. The lighting was on point and the projectors seemed to be synced to the output of one of the guitarist thus making sound come to life. The concert ended and we all left, concert T-shirts in hand, all smiles and satisfied with our experience. The Fox Theatre delivered once again an event worth noting.

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My Spring 2013 Collection | Rare Bird

Welcome to my wonderful world of color! This collection was inspired by Frida Kahlo, my love of colors + geometric shapes. Enjoy the visual display y que Viva la Vida! Special thanks to my Lsquare and French Curve Ruler!

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